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Origins in ancient Chinese traditions.

The realization of little informed plates with the aim of activating positive energies through the clothes worn by people takes inspiration from Feng-Shui, a very ancient Taoist philosophy, born in China more than 5000 years ago. At those times energetic balancing of buildings demanded very peculiar environmental rules ( it could be a mountain behind the house, or a fountain in front of it...), rules that might be very difficultly appointed on the contemporary city planning.

For that reason, in the years, a method of re-balancing the habitat through energy, without modifying its physical structure, was studied and made clear. Such a restoration of an equilibrium occurs thank to energetic diffusion.

Once verified its validity, the same dynamics were appointed to articles of clothing.  

People who wear Power Dress garments are favoured at rebalancing/strengthen on many levels, their moods, perceptions and other aspects of life.  

The origin